Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Would you pay to plant your bum?

The airline industry grew to a lusious shape, expanding from regular economy seating to business spacious pod beds to the unreachable first class. Or is it? Flights were fully serviced with meals, wine, pillows, blankets and entertainment followed by the onset of lounges for desiring passengers wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport and not to mention frequent flyer programs.

Then came the demise...the introduction of unserviced flights, where we have to purchase food, beverages and entertainment.  Great, the people said and maybe it has been.  But I've dealt with unserviced airlines overseas where additional purchases at time of booking included - luggage, insurance, carbon offsetting, seating - "what", were my thoughts!  So, this slowly seaps in weighing down the the cost of a cheap airfare on an unserviced airline - remember, you still have to pay for food, beverages, entertainment, pillows and blankets.

So, whats happening now in this crazy world of flying is that a serviced airline such as British Airways are charging you to pay for a seating allocation - just advise your credit card number and your desired seating request.  I'm not sure if this move from the airlines is creative, desperate or simply just giving passengers options!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

French Passion...

Jane Webster is a pure inspiration for passion and getting what you want out of life. I met Jane years ago at a spa cuisine cooking class instructed by Alla Wolf-Tasker at Lake House, Daylesford.  Her passion for all things French - especially food and her Chateau Bosgouet- and mine for travel, we kept in contact.

Over the years she has continued to host week long retreats of culinerary experiences at her Chateau, have her and her family move to France for a year, compile a book on her passion titled At My French Table and proceed to win awards. 

I've just recieved word from her, that her book won an award in Australia for 'Best French Cuisine Cookbook' before going on to compete in the 'Best French Cuisine Cookbook in the World' in Paris, where she delighted in being awarded second place.

This to me, was just a reminder that nothing happens over night....but, what passion can do.  And Jane, for 2010 will be contacting her The French Table retreats at her Chateau...congrats to Jane!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Surfing Samoa to offer aid...

All call from a client and I love his idea...take a surfing holiday to Samoa! 

He, like us all has been exposed via the media of the natural disasters currently taking place within Asia and the Pacific. His desire to go surfing to a place of devastation intrigued me.  So, with excitement I went off to source holiday package options.

To my suprise it was great to discover Polynesian Blue offering extremely cheap airfares and the luggage  allowance lifted from 20kg to 30kg.  It is only for a limited time, but perfect.  He could take supplies to help the Samoans, surf breaks from the SaMoana Resort and spend time lending a hand to rebuild the devastation of the tsunami.

Good on him and what I love about it?  Everyone benefited...