Monday, 11 June 2012

ever been tenting?

I must admit tenting has not been one of my passions over the years.  I don't mind sleeping out under the stars for night on a warm night, but camping for a few days or a week, always has me thinking of cold wet weather. Cringe factor.
Recently, I had some fun with Mum and Dad, testing their memories of our family holidays, which go back nearly forty years. It was interesting hearing their stories and banter, as they tried to piece the date and the location. I was taking them back to the early seventies!  Whether we were at Phillip Island or Portland, I was young and I am grateful for the experiences that our camping family holidays gave.  After all, I learnt to be a team player - you need a few hands to hold poles and pull ropes!  We played cricket with the other kids, precious behaviour was not tolerated. Dad loved to fish, so today, I can bait-up, cast and tie a hook on a line, if need be! Meals, I cannot remember those, I bet they were basic, I must ask about those. Dishes yes, I remember those, the trips to the laundry to get water to heat up, so we could wash them in a bucket.
Speed forward to the current day. Beyond the basic bush or outback tenting experience, you can today, camp in style and comfort.  By comfort I mean, your tent has a timber floor, veranda, private en-suite with a hot shower, chairs to relax and enjoy the view plus personalised extras for the added indulgence and fun, whilst still being amongst nature. Love it!  Here are few of my favourite.  Yes, Travel With A Difference can coordinate luxury tenting holidays in Australia, Africa and Asia...
1973 Dad and me

Mum catching some zzzzz's
Paperbark Camp, NSW
Sal Salis, WA

Sal Salis, WA
Nomadic living in Mongolia