Monday, 10 March 2014

group travel cringe or embrace....

Group holidays, do you cringe when you hear the word 'group'? 

Don't worry you're not alone; I still hear people say, "oh, I could not stand that".  But the more diverse these group holiday options are becoming the more people are participating and embracing them. 

There's a variety of 'group holiday' experiences to be had. It may be a small group journey - where you join a small group of up to twelve guests to experience a destination. The more niche is the special interest group getaway - where groups of whatever number will experience a footy game, Gallipoli, trekking, a photograph or writing workshop just to name a few.  Then, there's the small 'like-minded' holidays, where men or women gather with their friends to chill-out, share a laugh and whatever takes their fancy - usually a cooking class or a game of golf.  Yes, they leave their loved-(family and pets)-one’s home.
Also, I question. Does then going on a cruise entail 'group travel'? As you are amongst the masses of thousands, all living the same life for the duration of time it takes to embark and disembark on the cruise.

'Generational-holidays' could also be group holiday, as I have coordinated these Generational-holidays where the grandparents take their children, spouse and grandchildren on a holiday...those number of guests soon add up!
Travelling as group does definitely have its merits. It allows you to travel in the safety and companionship of others. It means your holiday arrangements will be pre-arranged and mostly pre-paid, giving a smoother and more seamless journey.  It takes the pondering and decision making out of it, which can be a time waster when on holidays.  For sure, you still have to take the time to ponder and decide, but is mostly done before you depart on your holiday. The pondering and decision making would be on what destination you are going to go, what is it you want to experience, what the cost you are prepared to pay and so on.

So, for your next holiday you may just I travelling in the company of simply a friend or loved one or am I going to cringe or embrace the thought of a 'group holiday'? 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts....

Travel With A Difference CALENDAR has a few 'special interest' group holiday you may be interested in: Uganda - eco and sustainable.  France - history of Julia Child and food. Uganda - charity and sustainable.

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