Wednesday, 21 December 2011

to you all...

have a Happy Happy Festive Season
stay safe, jolly and well for the New Year
ENJOY the transition, as you move from the end of one year to the beginning of another. 
ENJOY the company of the people you keep, if you're not enjoying it, move on.
ENJOY the freshness of the produce you consume.
ENJOY and embrace your thoughts and dreams for the future.
Whilst not forgetting, there are others less fortunate...

ENJOY the moment.... until we speak again - Karen

Thursday, 8 December 2011

sailing the maldives...

Operating a travel business and being a busy consultant, means a lot of time is spent sitting at the desk in front of the computer.  Daily on the computer screen, I see endless deals for romancing at resorts, volunteering holidays abroad, extensive car leasing, cruising the Caribbean to trekking in stunning locations, and that is without mentioning the airline deals.
This one came through and stopped me in my tracks. I thought wow. Sailing the Maldives. Imagine, sailing. You and a friend or a few of your friends, if you're not confident or experienced to sail alone, rent a crewed catamaran that provides you with a skipper and a cook to prepare your meals. Having just sailed around Tonga....I had to blink myself back to the reality of work!  
We all take some time during the year for a little getaway and I understand, people have different priorities to what they wish to do with their time and money or even their desired holiday destination.  But, if you love the ocean, escaping crowds - all it takes is a mate or three couples and you could be on yacht sailing turquoise blue waters and having an amazing experience.

To discuss your vessel options and best time to explore and sail the Maldives, give us call: 03-5254 1279