Monday, 17 June 2013

ika mata

This was a real cultural wow factor meal I experienced, over twelve years ago firstly when I was visiting the Cook Islands, then again with friends when we sailed into Hai Pai, Tonga.  Lucky me! Only to experience it again recently at a Cook Island function and it was you, who I thought of, thinking I must share this. So, here is, an amazing local fish dish you can try at home or on holiday when at The Cook Islands....

3-4 kg Fresh game fish
1 Fresh chili
2 1/2 Medium tomatoes diced
1/2 Large cucumber
1 Red onion
1lt Coconut cream
3 Lemons
White vinegar and salt to taste

Cut the fish into bite size cube sand place into a bowl. Fill the bowl with salted water with a cup of white vinegar and a couple squeezes of lemon juice.  Let marinate for 2-4 hours.

Dice up the vegetables and place into a bowl. Squeeze three lemons into the salsa mix with a couple of splashes of white vinegar.

Add cococut cream to your salsa mix and stir together.  Make sure you taste it and add more lemon, salt or vinegar if need be.

Once you have the taste acquired, add as much chili as you want or just enough to counter the acidity. 
Let it set for an hour or two and serve chilled.  Serves 4-6 friends.  And whilst there have some fun.....xx