Monday, 12 November 2012

trekking together....

A valued client/friend contacted TWAD earlier this year with the desire for her and her female friends to go on a trekking holiday in Asia.  They had trekked Tasmania and the Northern Territory several times and now were after something different. It was great talking with her to discover her desired requirements: it was to combine some trekking, stunning countryside, cooking class or sensational cuisine, as well as a bit of luxury along the way.  Nutting through the destinations, giving consideration to their time and seasonal climate constraints, North Vietnam was the chosen destination.
When visiting Hanoi, a cruise out on Halong Bay is a must, with the travelling time there, that added a couple of days to the itinerary.  The eight night / nine day itinerary was created.  It involved a night in Hanoi on arrival, four days trekking in a National Park with three nights in basic homestay accommodation and amenities, a night a Nihn Bihn - this was the capital city before Hanoi, a night cruising Halong Bay followed by two nights in a luxury hotel at the end in Hanoi along with a cooking class at K.O.T.O. - a local hospitality school giving children off the streets the opportunity for a change in life.
The journey invitation was for eight women, due to circumstance, it extended to ten with me becoming one of the group.  Not only was I keen on the itinerary, but it would be the first time I'd be travelling with a group on an organised itinerary and I've spent many years travelling. So, this was going to be interesting!!
Sapa is the most spoken of location when people say they're going trekking in Vietnam, but due the travelling time to get there and the request from our client for a location with a strong local and less tourists, we headed south west. Pictures below display the stunning scenery in which we were surrounded by daily as we trekked. The accommodation and hospitality on the luxurious Bhaya was a delight, after sleeping on bamboo floors with a thin mattress for three nights, plus the food sensational.  When we arrived in Hanoi, our journey had been elevated once again, by two nights in the beautiful and historical Hotel Metropole.
Do, enjoy my holiday photos below and if you have a group of friends or colleagues or if you wish to take your family on such a journey, simply phone us, we love to discuss, create and coordinate holiday with your requirements in mind...   
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A holiday with everything we had wished for ~ Lawes, QLD

And the journey goes on... Please visit our facebook page for further images. Enjoy, Karen