Tuesday, 13 January 2015

beautiful Booderee National Park...

I could say beautiful Jervis Bay, but it was my week long experience of camping at Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay that was beautiful.
Being the Festive Season I was fortunate to escape the shackles of the keyboard and retreat for week with my dear friends on their fortnight stay within Booderee.  They're seasoned family campers - mum, dad, 2 kids and teenager! Me, o my gosh, I had not camped for decades, not since my primary school years with my family to which I'm glad for those experiences and memories, so I was keen for the adventure.
I was joyfully met with a 'welcome karen' held up against the window of the family mover, yes, you need wheels when staying in Booderee - lucky for me, as I flew to Sydney then boarded the shuttle bus to Nowra where my fun began.  We picked up supplies, then it was off to the site, my home for a week.  Maeve and Charlie were awesome at putting up my tent - kids...forget instruction, whack-bang, it was up! I managed to set up my self-inflating mattress, throw my pack in the tent before I was eagerly toured around the grounds, facilities and to our beach - green patch, so I knew what was where and which shower to grab!
Read up here, on all that Booderee National Park has to offer.  It was fabulous having no power, living out of an esky, having to walk to the community shelter to wash our dishes, to hear the constant sound of birds, to hear children mingling with other children of different nationalities (and grown ups!) then to retreat to my tent at night only to listen to the sounds of our campsite and surrounding slowly quieten, ready for dawn and the commencement of another day of activity.
Our days were full, not sure whether it was because there's such an array of great beaches to explore or whether it was because there were kids involved! There was bush walks/runs, card games, snorkelling, beach walks, bike rides, indigenous story-telling, camp fire 'prepping', storms, timely showers to test your patience, laughs, beach bag packing and unpacking, pesky possums and the joyous g&t knock and nibbles at the end of a day.
It was a fabulous holiday with beautiful scenery. I laugh reflecting on the kids faces painted daily with streaks of hot pink zinc and coloured sunnies, as though they were going to a rave party (that's ahead of them!) and to the enthusiasm of all to explore or try something new - whether snorkelling and duck-diving around beach rock platforms, paddling the rubber boat...the memories are there. x
endless sounds of birds

just walk...

out on a nature trail

exploring around another little point

love a beach trail

family fun and adventres

what a bloke will do to stay cool

what goes down must come up!

fun waves and dolphins galore

you've got to grab a moment whilst you can!

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