Monday, 18 October 2010

Travelling Solo - to do or not to do

For over twenty years I have been on and off planes, whether it be for work or leisure I have always managed to squeeze in some solo travelling. It has not been by choice, it has been a matter of circumstance. Work has you attending a conference, a private famil doing resort/hotel inspections or travelling from A-to-B to meet up with friends.

I look back at the times I've travelled solo and each time I recall saying "I'm not doing this again" .  Huh, but some how, I find myself in that solo state of travelling once again.  As much as I'm conscious of the feeling of being happens, me travelling solo.  Why do I loath solo travelling? There is nobody to share the moment with, sure there's the people in the train, plane or automobile, but are you going to see them again to share the heart felt moment you just experienced?  Not likely.

Travelling solo can also have its rewards and attributes, such as allowing you to step out of your comfort zone and chat with a stranger, it allows time for you to see and do the things you want to see and do without compromise. I recall being in need of time-out, so I went to a spa health retreat - Kamalaya Koh Samui. It was fab, I was there for a week, I didn't speak to anyone beyond the staff for the first five days, I need that down time. Then I met a fab English woman there and had great chats for the next day and half. 

So, whatever your reason, purpose or need to holiday or travel is do consider does it have to be solo or can I share the experience. And this is where these great Companion Business Class Airfares with Malaysian Airlines can assist. Enjoy.

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It can be a hard slog...

Oh, thrill of being solo...


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